BT controller


Modern control, but child’s easy service!

The furnaces and kilns of BRANT Technologies are equipped with modern temperature control systems! Our engineers, in cooperation with scientists from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, have developed an efficient controller, so that you can program the furnaces and kilns in just a few steps.

As many as 10 programs, but a legible and practical touch screen!

Thanks to the use of a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, you have the ability to control the technological process in an easy and intuitive way. You can define your program in a few clicks and save it to your computer’s memory! You have up to 10 programs to use!

Up to 15 sections of the process, but intuitive programming!

Each program (so-called temperature profile) can consist of up to 15 sections with defined end temperature and duration of each.

In addition, you have the option of programming the time delay with which the process is to start – you program the kilns in the morning, and you want it to start in the evening for e.g. 9h and 34 minutes? No problem! You can do it quickly and easily, two clicks and you’re done!
Ponadto użytkownik posiada możliwość podglądu aktualnego statusu pieca z dokładnym wskazaniem temperatury oraz informacją, która część profilu temperatury jest właśnie realizowana – jedno kliknięcie i przełączasz się z trybu graficznej reprezentacji programu na tekstową i z powrotem!

Modern PID thermoregulator – accurate temperature control

The thermoregulators used by us are equipped with very accurate PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control with the parameters selected for each kiln model individually. Thanks to the PID regulation, the kiln firing curve is a much more faithful reproduction of the programmed temperature profile than in the case of using the ON-OFF method with hysteresis, which is popular in this type of furnaces. In addition, the temperature process is much more accurate, and maintaining a constant temperature over time is much more stable.

SSR semiconductor relays – longer life and faster switching speed!

In the BRANT Technologies furnaces the modern SSR (Solid State Relays) are used, whose main advantages, compared to the usual used electromagnetic contactors, are: several times longer life, higher operating speed, noiseless switching, higher operating frequency.